A historical introduction to Granada

A historical introduction to Granada

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Discover Granada & Albayzín walking Tour - GUIDED TOUR. GT-DGR

Embark on a journey through the heart of Andalusia's Islamic heritage with this walk and talk experience in Granada, Spain. Your guide will provide a historical account with insight into the different historical stages of Al-Andalus, to illustrate the context, origin and stages of development of Granada as a kingdom and as a city, from its origin until today. We will be walking around areas and specific buildings within the Historical Center and the Albaycin. At the end of the tour, free advice on meals, coffee, tea or lemonade will be provided on demand, as well as the most immediate option to enjoy the lively Moroccan ‘souq’ shopping streets.
We try to cover these main points, and answer any questions derived, through our 2,5-3 h walk and talk experience:
  • Granada: The Fruit of Al-Andalus - Discover how Granada blossomed as a center of art, science, and philosophy during the Al-Andalus period.
  • Granada: "The Damascus of Al-Andalus" - Uncover the parallels between Granada and the historical city of Damascus in their cultural significance.
  • Granada: The Last Kingdom of Al-Andalus - Dive into the history of Granada as the final stronghold of Muslim rule in Spain.
  • Granada: A Unique Historical Location "Place of Gifts" - Learn about the significance of Granada as a hub of cultural exchange and innovation.
  • Granada as a Ribayat Fortress City  - Explore the strategic importance of Granada's fortress city architecture, and it’s ingenious and revolutionary water collection and provision systems.
  • The Inquisition and the End of Islamic Granada - Reflect on the tumultuous period of the Spanish Inquisition and its impact on Islamic Granada.
  • Deep Songs of the Soul: The Cante Jondo - Experience the profound emotional depth of Andalusian flamenco music and its roots in Al-Andalus culture.
  • The Flourishing of Al-Andalus and Granada Today - Witness how the legacy of Al-Andalus continues to shape Granada's vibrant cultural landscape, and specially through it’s academic garden, the University of Granada.
  • Impact on Travellers and the Community - Learn about the transformative experiences our tours offer to travellers and their positive impact on the local and global community.
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Enjoy an opportunity in discovering the ancient Muslim town or ‘Medina’ of Granada. We will be discovering the historical origin and growth of the city through its ancient walls and districts of our ancient town, the Albaycin.
Enjoy an opportunity in discovering the ancient Muslim town or ‘Medina’ of Granada. We will be discovering the historical origin and growth of the city through its ancient walls and districts.
Albaycin is the ancient town containing the most beautiful sites of modern Granada. The striking views of the Alhambra with the snow-topped Sierra Nevada Mountains blending into the unique landscape of the city and its surrounding. The tour takes us further through San Nicolas Square where we will find our local Mosque ‘Mezquita Mayor de Granada’. As we walk from the Albaycin to Sacromonte area to discover more ancestral and ‘sacred’ secrets of our city, we catch glimpses of the views from different angles and locations.
This tour is conducted by specialist guides who are duly accredited to perform such an introduction within the ancient town of Granada.
The confirmation of the visit requires a minimum of 5 people.
Starting point
Mirador de San Nicolás, in Granada, Spain.
Thursdays and Fridays from 10 am until 12:30/13h.
Booking Voucher & Instructions:
Booking is required for this tour. Once you make your booking, you will be sent a booking confirmation by email containing the details to meet towards this tour: meeting point and the full itinerary draft.
Please don’t be late, 10-minute courtesy will be provided only, before starting with the program.
Please anticipate 15-30 minutes ahead of the tour, should you want to pay in cash or register any new participants ahead of starting the tour. Bring comfortable clothing and footwear, and perhaps some water for the walk.
Welcome to walk and talk about the rise and fall of Al-Andalus, in Granada, through the Albaycin.
A sparkling condensed narrative to any Muslim heritage trip to Andalusia, Spain, summing up the rise and fall of Al-Andalus while bringing Granada from its origin until today, into the highlight.

30€ per person*, 2-3 h walk.

*For a minimum group of 4 participants.
20€ per person for groups over 10 person.
15€ per person for groups over 20 person.