Ahmad Zaruq, in Granada, Spain

Travel and Event Manager
Al-Andalus Experience, Granada, Andalusia, Spain

A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia: Al-Andalus. A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, it's height and downfall.

We start out this tour at Madrid, the capital of modern Spain, moving straight into our historical narration by staying at Toledo, Medieval capital of Iberia, 'mosaic' and 'bridge' between the three main cultures & religious traditions in Al-Andalus. After Toledo, we move south along the 'Route of Don Quixote', through Castilla La Mancha, to Andalusia while receiving an introductory summary of the history of Iberia, its origins, population and religious diversity, in Christian Spain before. As we move into Andalusia, we will also be shifting in time, to Al-Andalus. The tour will also present the deeper roots of Iberian tradition and the Moorish-Morris fusion into our modern time through the very words of reading our Spanish top literature master Miguel de Cervantes.

We will be moving through the most picturesque Spanish landscapes, while following the River Guadalquivir (al-Wad al-Kabir) South into Seville, or the mountain ranges which crown the prior, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus, holding the Alhambra as the highlight of a lost heaven. Once in Granada, after touring the Alhambra and historical quarters of the city, we will be able to relax and enjoy whilst shop or preparing for any extra activities available for booking during the tour, extra night time visits & walks or workshop programs.