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Why Choose Al-Andalus Experience?

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Within the Heart of Al-Andalus

Our main tour of Al-Andalus is scheduled for 'open groups' every 15 days and consists of a 7 day/7 night tour covering the most important historical capitals of Al-Andalus and their provinces: Cordoba, Seville and Granada. It also includes two day visits into the Alpujarra and Ronda mountain ranges.
On our way we will be moving through the most tipical Andalusian landscapesOlive tree views will reach the horizon in all directions at some points , we'll follow the River Guadal Quivir (Kabir) into Seville, and then move on into the Malaga Mountain ranges through Natural Parks of Sierra de Grazalema, before returning to our beloved Granada, city of the Alhambra, to relax and enjoy whilst finding new interesting views to this 'Red' Monument and Testimony of what Al-Andalus once was, and still is in our hearts. On the last day, a morning trip into the Alpujarra 'white villages', the Last Muslim Lands, and their clever irrigation systems and millenary Olive cultivations.

Share a Journey Through Knowledge and Tradition

A guided approach to the origin of Islam in Iberia: Al-Andalus.

A story of unity vs division and dispersion, the Golden Age of Islam in Europe, its height and downfall.

We will be moving through the most picturesque Spanish landscapes, while following the River Guadalquivir (al-Wad al-Kabir) South into Seville, or the mountain ranges which crown the prior, the last Muslim Kingdom of Al-Andalus, holding the Alhambra as the highlight of lost heaven. Once in Granada, after touring the Alhambra and historical quarters of the city, we will be able to relax and enjoy whilst shop or preparing for any extra activities available for booking during the tour, extra nighttime visits & walks or workshop programs.

From Madrid

Our most popular trips cover the rise and fall of Al-Andalus within modern academic, traditional Spanish and Islamic contexts.

From Málaga or Sevilla

Malaga and Seville are also very popular starting points, allowing for a shorter trip excluding Toledo and Madrid.

Madrid - Toledo - Córdoba - Granada - ( Sevilla option) - Madrid VS

Málaga - Córdoba - Granada - (Sevilla option) - Málaga

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Madrid - Toledo - Córdoba - Granada - ( Sevilla option) - Madrid VS

Málaga - Córdoba - Granada - (Sevilla option) - Málaga

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