An Introduction to al-Andalus: 'Express 5 night'

An Introduction to al-Andalus: 'Express 5 night'



An Introduction to al-Andalus:'Express5 night'

An introduction to al-Andalus and it's main cities and provinces, exploring their main monuments.

Day 1. Arrival at Malaga/Sevilla/Granada. Transfer to Cordoba.

Starting from Malaga international airport, depart to Cordoba, 170 km. Select your guided tours at each city to carry out this sample 5 night express introduction route into Andalusia, updated with the latest research upon the history of al-Andalus.

Day 2. Cordoba.

Guided visits in the medina of Cordoba, including Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral, the Alkasr Royal Palaces, the Jewish quarters, old city walls, Live Museum of al-Andalus, Andalusi courtyard home and other streets and alleys in the historical medina of Cordoba. Free time for meals and shopping. Optional visits to the two mosques in use in Cordoba today.

Day 3. Medinat al-Zahra, arrival in Seville.

Morning excursion and tour in Medinat al-Zahra, court city and Caliph's palace ruins, including a visit to the museum and expositions there. Continue down the river Guadalquivir towards Almodovar del Rio and further to Seville, 150 km. Upon arrival we will be introduced to the city from the bus and check in at the arranged hotel. Free evening for walks and rides in Seville historical centre and riverside.

Day 4. Day tour of Seville. Transfer to Granada.

Guided visits in the historical centre of Seville, including the Alkasr Royal Palaces and gardens, Cathedral of Seville and the remains of the Almohad courtyard and minaret, the modern Giralda, Torre del Oro, Jewish quarters, old medina and city walls, Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de España. After a break for lunch we will be moving swiftly to Granada, 260 km.

Day 5. Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of al-Andalus.

Tour of the Alhambra court city, palaces and gardens.
Guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nashrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace, gardens and the old medina of the Alhambra. After this we will pass on to the opposite hill to visit the old medina of Garnatta and it's main areas, divisions, city walls. We will visit the Mosque of the Albayzin at the Mirador de San Nicolas, most famous viewing point to the Alhambra and Granada city. After a break for lunch we will walk down to the town centre and visit the souq streets and most important areas of the historical medina within the modern city centre.

Day 6. Departure from Malaga/Sevilla/Granada.

During your departure transfer you will go through the southern mountain ranges of Andalusia, those which belonged entirely to the Kingdom of Granada in during the last 250 years of Islamic Spain, al-Andalus.