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Choose your approach to planning any group trip.
Design your trip here Choose a route plan or design your trip from scratch and have us prepare our favourite route for your city choices, or take a totally free approach to your city route order by dragging and dropping, with this version of our trip planning form:
You may also add activities or daytime plans for your group or part of your group, after designing your trip (Option 1 above) or choosing any of our sample trip plans (Option 2 above).
Browse our sample trip catalogue and fill in our form and “Choose a Starting Date” on any specific trip, for us to get back to you with our best quotation for your group-size and dates.
Browse our ‘Trip Plan Drafts' and fill in the form on any trip page to get a custom quotation for that trip for any group size and date.
Browse our Daytime Plans and Excursions to plan by choosing city and nature plans. We will take a note of all your choices and send you our best plan!
We will get back to you with more than you expect, our full range of options simplified into a few choices.

Your travel plan, options and cost quotations:

  1. The forms on our website will trigger our fastest response to any request.
  1. We share an initial draft plan and trip agenda with you to confirm, along with a trip quotation and a couple of options for you to confirm city nights, travel logistics, items included, tours and activities.
  1. At this point, we will also share with you a “meeting event” which you can re-schedule as best fit and talk to us live about your trip and the plan, after receiving this first documentation.
  1. Depending on your group size and how you prefer to confirm your accommodation bookings, we will either be facilitating direct booking links for you to self-book or grouping all of your group bookings and services into an invoice and payment schedule so that we can confirm all bookings safely ahead of your intended arrival.
  1. In the scenario that you choose to manage your accommodation bookings, our service is ready to provide the full ground package from arrival to departure for your group, whether it be a commercial travel agent group or a casual group tour, both options have their benefits, so we like to be flexible and let you choose.
  1. We will need to revise the trip or wait until you confirm (flight or other) details at this point, revising our plan to adjust to any changes.
  1. Once confirmed, we will issue your final confirmation document and share the final detailed trip calendar for you to integrate into your digital agenda, as well as our final digital travel plan guide, in a series of formats, PDF and similar to the sample plans below.
  1. Our trip documentation consists of a digital travel guide, to be used as an index providing a day-by-day schedule, and a mobile-friendly city highlight reading guide. This is intended to keep your group informed and the trip structured and documented. The digital guide will also include all your booking documents and trip information, services, transportation, and any other activities or bookings you have confirmed for your trip, with full details and instructions.

We will sync all of your different choices to your email and date ranges, integrating them into a travel schedule as described below.