Within the heart of al-Andalus: '7night tour':

Within the heart of al-Andalus: '7night tour':


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Within the heart of al-Andalus:'7night tour':

Within the heart of al-Andalus, a tour within the heart of al-Andalus, it's main cities and provinces, exploring the most important monuments of each town. An encounter with the historical paradoxes in Muslim Spain presented from the exclusive insight of the very first generation of Spanish Muslims since the fall of al-Andalus.

Day 1. Arrival at M√°laga. Tour to Gibraltar and further to Ronda.

Upon arrival at Málaga airport we will take a bus transfer to Algeciras to view the rock of Gibraltar and symbol of the Muslim cross over to Europe and the beginning of al-Andalus to spend the night nearby in the town of Algeciras or La Línea de la Concepcción. Those willing can visit the British town of Gibraltar in the evening though it is not included in our itinerary.
(overnight at Ageciras / La Línea(nextto Gibraltar) / Ronda)

Day 2. Morning tour of Ronda. Transfer to Cordoba. Overnight at Cordoba.

We will get an early start and tour in the same direction as the first Muslim allies would travel to Córdoba. On our way we will visit the city of Ronda, within the Mountains North of Málaga where we will be able to pick up on all of the different historical periods of the Iberian Peninsula, and also specifically on the periods of al-Andalus, Islamic Spain. Our tour will take us through the old medina, it's alleyways and walls of this spectacular town, visiting different palaces, expositions, including the famous Hammam of Ronda and secret tunnels in the city.
We will reach Cordoba by the evening and after a brief presentation of the city and hotel check in, we will walk around the Mosque-Cathedral at night. Traditional courtyard tea saloon, night walks in the medina, flamenco show and horse rides are available during our free evening in Cordoba.

Day 3. Tour of Cordoba, visit to Medinat al-Zahra. Overnight at Sevilla.

Guided visits in the medina of Cordoba, including Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral, the Alkasr Royal Palaces, the Jewish quarters, old city walls, Live Museum of al-Andalus, Andalusi courtyard home and other streets and alleys in the historical medina of Cordoba.
Continuing our visits in the city and a break for lunch in the medina, we will depart Cordoba through Medinat al-Zahra, court city and Caliph's palace ruins, including a visit to the museum and expositions there. Then continue down the river Guadalquivir towards Almodovar del Río, and further to Seville, 150 km. Upon arrival we will be introduced to the city from the bus and check in at the arranged hotel. Night walks around historical centre or riverside, flamenco show and horse carriage rides are available during our free evening in Seville.

Day 4. Sevilla day tour. Transfer to Granada. Overnight in Granada.

Guided visits in the historical centre of Seville, including the Alkasr Royal Palaces and gardens, Cathedral of Seville and the remains of the Almohad courtyard and minaret, the modern Giralda, Torre del Oro, Jewish quarters, old medina and city walls, Parque de Maria Luisa and Plaza de Espa√Īa. After a break for lunch we will be moving swiftly to Granada, 260 km.

Day 5. Sevilla. Visit 'IslaM√°gica' theme park and transfer to Granada. Overnight in Granada.

On our second day in Sevilla, we will adventure to the latest and largest theme park in Andalucia today, Isla M√°gica. We will stay at'IslaM√°gica' enjoying walks, attractions and rides until lunch time.
After a break for lunch we will be moving swiftly to Granada, 260 km.

Day 6. Granada, the last Muslim Kingdom of al-Andalus.

Tour of the Alhambra court city, palaces and gardens.
Guided visit to the Alhambra palatial town, including the Nashrid Palaces, Alkasaba fortress, Generalife summer palace, gardens and the old medina of the Alhambra. After this we will pass on to the opposite hill to visit the old medina of Garnata and it's main areas, divisions, city walls. We will visit the Mosque of the Albayzin at the Mirador de San Nicolas, most famous viewing point to the Alhambra and Granada city. After a break for lunch we will walk down to the town centre and visit the souq streets and most important areas of the historical medina within the modern city centre.

Day 7.

Once concluded with the main cities of al-Andalus in the South of Spain, our tour can be continued in several manners, hence we must make choices according to group interests, time and budget. Please consult our partner agents for their seasonal calendar of tours and the choices included towards each group.

Option 1. Visit the Alpujarra valleys and mountains.

The tour will naturally continue with a visit to the Alpujarra mountain region of Granada, one of the final places to see Islam in Spain. During our day long tour we will come to know more and witness the lifestyle present in al-Andalus and during the final period of Islamic Spain. This is a day time excusion and can conclude in Granada or Malaga for overnight stay.

Option 2. Free day in Granada for walks, tours, workshops, entertainment and shopping. http://www.alandalus-experience.com/courses-workshops.html

It may also be recommendable to have a completely free day in Granada, for your personal enjoyment or further arrangements which you may require. During this free day we can offer walks, entertainment activities, special meal arrangements, workshop programs, or other activities or you may prefer to enjoy free time for shopping and discovering the city by your self.

Day 8. Departure from Malaga international airport.

Finally we conclude our tour in Granada and it is time for departure. A bus transfer to Malaga airport will be arranged leaving the hotel 4 h. before flight departure. Any time available during departure day will be free time for travellers to make last minute shopping or cover any specific curiosity within the city.