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Join our guided group trips through Toledo, Córdoba, Granada and beyond.

Get a custom travel plan through Spain, Portugal or Morocco, connecting through to our 'express' guided coach tour departures from Madrid through Toledo, or from Malaga, Seville or Barcelona!
Travel freely with your own choice of cities, transport, bookings and service.
Enjoy our best offer and expertise, at your own pace and style- Connect any trip plan directly to our richly packed 3-night/4-day exclusive guided coach routes through Toledo, Córdoba and Granada. Our classic introduction to the origins, rise, and fall of Al-Andalus. This brief schedule is optimized and infused with historical narrative, exclusive insights, city highlights and UNESCO heritage tours, some time for arts, traditions, food traditions, opt-in rich dinner plans, nature plans, route extensions, further city connections, and more.
Our guided routes continue along to Seville and back to Madrid. However, you may also take on an independent travel approach from there, with the help of your own mobile-friendly travel schedule plan and anticipating the booking options provided therein.

Our travel plans and tours can be thought of as being modular. We have broken up our route to allow for guests to start at different locations, yet discover the most important capitals of Al-Andalus and their provinces as a guided group experience, through our tours in Cordoba and Granada, as well as optionally Toledo and Seville.

When starting from Madrid it is recommended to take a guided road tour through Toledo, on the way to Cordoba. The same can also be achieved on your own if your are happy to drive, or from Madrid by train, with two nights extra there. We plan Seville as the next step after Cordoba and Granada, allowing for travellers to plan more independently after sharing group cost elements through Cordoba and Granada, the main part of the tour.
Seville is the capital of Andalusia today, also with other connecting capitals, we like to help you experience them as the full fusion each city represents, so we frequently plan other capitals separate from our Cordoba and Granada highlight tours.

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City Plans & Guides

Below you will find our ‘Trip Planning Form’ which will hook you onto group tour options, through Madrid, Toledo, Cordoba, Granada and Seville, aside of independent city connections for you to choose in and out routes to your need.


Find the best trip planning support, find our own curated local plans and ultimately plan and offer your trips to the world by listing them on our website for open bookings.

Our tour prices will depend upon the group size. We will confirm any open group trip with a minimum feasible size, the larger the minimum the cheaper the cost, so we aim for around 15-20 participants in total and list a minimum group size besides any price.
As an organizer you may choose your minimum group size and final price based on the costs of your route and choices, with a feasible price limit in mind, we should find a feasible group size with ease.
Our service cost will include all monument entrances, inter-city transport, travel assistance and highlight tours for each trip plan. We can also include select hotels, apartments or on-route rural accommodation, however as ground specialists, we offer accommodation and meal plans as extras, there being a wide choice to suit every need.
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