Group Travel, Day Plans and Local Experts in Andalusia, Spain
Group Travel, Day Plans and Local Experts in Andalusia, Spain

Group Travel, Day Plans and Local Experts in Andalusia, Spain

Al-Andalus Experience set out in 2007 to acknowledge untold history of Muslim Spain, in so addressing the needs and interests of Muslim travellers by connecting you to local experts in a journey. represents a team of local experts, travel and heritage guides, we provide travel plans in Andalusia, Spain, along with flexible travel and booking options catered to any group size and travel style needs.
Trusted by travellers, educational institutions, facilitators, organisations, as well as travel agencies and tour operators worldwide since 2007.
We aim to bridge a culture gap between the modern and traditional, European and Islamic worlds, inviting you to experience Al-Andalus today through local insights, tradition and synergies, rather than a dry political and warfare account.
Plan singular trips and events in Andalusia, Spain and beyond with expert insider planning help, ground support and multiple options of guidance.
Our goal is to “reconquer” or discover a truthful history of Muslim Spain, to highlight and revive deep rooted islamic traditions within the fusion of Al-Andalus, appreciating the richness that these traditions provide us in today’s modern context, revisiting wisdom and wellness that we can find in them.
We achieve this by enabling experiences, ground services, standards and options, within the most benign Andalusian city or rural setting for each occasion.
Come to experience the world of Al-Andalus and Spain through our unique blend of Muslim and Spanish insight. Embark on an unforgettable journey through Andalusia, Spain and beyond with Al-Andalus Experience!
Uncover the secrets surrounding the shredded history of Muslim Spain with our expert group travel planning, local and historical insights, experienced local guides, handcrafted daytime plans and experiences, and booking collaborations.
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Our offer is for you to plunge and submerge into, to experience different fields of knowledge and tradition from Al-Andalus to China within a medieval golden age of global affairs and timeless developments for humanity.
We are determined to provide a tool for travellers to access live researches, giving voice to a wide range of local new generation academic field specialists, local specialist guides, artisan masters, artists, activity coaches and more.

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We invite you to experience Islamic heritage of Al-Andalus through tradition and synergies, rather than a dry political and warfare account.
Learn or teach arts and skills within unique and inspiring locations, while realising the spiritual value of sharing knowledge, skills, art, crafts and intrinsic wisdom, towards our modern world and lives today.

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Why Choose Al-Andalus Experience?

Click on the header above and read on to know a bit more about what inspires “Al-Andalus Experience”, you are welcome to inspire yourself with your own blend of “Al-Andalus Experience” and get in touch we are here to serve you towards any event, cause or journey.

Al-Andalus Experience set out to bridge a culture gap between the modern and traditional, European and Islamic worlds, being pioneers in advising travellers and offering Muslim friendly and halal hospitality services in Spain since 2007.

Knowledge can be transmitted in more and more ways by the day, and history in particular, can be looked upon and seen in as many ways as people cover the earth. However as locals and engaged with most affairs concerning Islamic heritage, studies and researches as well as the current battle amongst generational bias from a significantly recent dictatorship period in Spain, from 1939 to 1979.
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Al-Andalus Experience is based on locals learning and experiencing our own homeland and liveliness, embracing and nourishing ourselves through a full mosaic of multi-cultural traditions and roots that we represent, while looking into the world's future and contributing to solve modern problems, through our own local blend of wisdom, diversity and singularity.

Highlighted City & NaturePlans

Discover the rich Islamic heritage of Andalusia with our expert-led walking tours in Granada, Spain. Our tours delve deep into the history, traditions, and contributions of this remarkable region to world development.

Emphasising Multiculturalism and Diversity

Granada's story, from its ancient roots to its present-day vibrancy, is a testament to the enduring legacy of Al-Andalus. It stands as a beacon of hope and beauty, inviting the world to explore its depths and celebrate the rich mosaic of human history it embodies.
Experience the unique historical locations of Granada, known as "The Damascus of Al-Andalus" and "The Last Kingdom of Al-Andalus." Explore the deep songs of the soul with Cante Jondo, and witness the flourishing of Al-Andalus and Granada today.

Highlighting Specialist views from the Academic Realm

Book your tour now and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Granada's history and culture!
Our project brings together local specialists and enthusiasts to share knowledge and engage travellers in the rich Islamic heritage and modern culture of Andalusia.
We proudly collaborate with academic institutions and recognised experts, demonstrating our commitment to academic excellence and bridging the gap between scholarly research and public engagement.


Ahmad Zaruq Summers

Specialist in Andalusian, Spanish and Islamic Traditions, History and Culture.
Hi my name is Ahmad Zaruq, I’m British, resided in Spain since 1984 and founded Al-Andalus Experience in 2007. I work for individuals, independent travellers, Schools, Teachers, Scholars or Institutions and some of the leading worldwide Tour Operators around the Muslim world as a Professional Travel and Event Planner in Andalusia Spain. I spent over ten years training myself and a number of local Muslim guides to be of service on the road and through the Islamic cities of Al-Andalus, effectively providing knowledgeable information with unique insights and experiences for travellers to enjoy.

We like to train our travel guides on our tours, with real group trips, side by side, with another guide with years of experience, while acting as an assistant and "extra care" for our many of our group trips in Spain and beyond.
In this sense, we are honouring the tradition of apprenticeship, while also benefiting from a human-to-human transmission of not only facts but articulated knowledge, and one's insight and with mastering a science or skill, comes wisdom in time. However we look at it we are well past the 10.000 hour rule for our speciality in making complex logistics seam less for our participant groups, so are more than ready to extend our teams speciality to any collaboration or cause.
On the historical side, we like to distinguish the political side of history, from that of its people, tradition and popular culture. A different approach to the theoretical factual and dry political affairs, which are documented historically, along with associated legends, is to experience the tradition and diversity of a land, its 'spirit' and livelihood.
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Road Trip Plans and Options to connect our featured cities and beyond.



To sum up, there are multiple options to design your trip and also to manage bookings, according to your preferred travel style or budget requirements, here is a stream lined version of that to expect.
  • You may browse some itineraries to become familiar with our most travelled routes, choose a route or design your own:
  • The form below also provides some of our most travelled routes so it is the fastest way to send us a fully detailed trip request,
  • This will also trigger our immediate response, in the form of a cost estimation quote
  • Further, we will schedule a new calendar event for your first trip draft, and some optional meeting events ahead of your trip.
  • You can opt-in to our suggested meeting times, or adjust to your convenience, or simply use the WhatsApp text link we will include to contact us for any need.

Once you confirm your itinerary dates, services and booking options:

  • You would get a final Trip Plan, here are some samples of our current trip plan model, which we do update from season to season so hoping to improve it for this one with your help!
  • We are intending to create maps for our final travel plans but this is still in process, perhaps towards 2024 we may see them as part of our trip plan documentation.
  • Here are some sample trip plans for you to imagine their use cases.
  • This digital travel plan documentation is most useful when used as a group to conduct a cohesive group schedule, with the assistance of one of our local travel guides, however they may also be used as readings and instructions to conduct your trip on your own without a travel guide, this option is provided through our trip planning form above.
Finally feel free to add any specific plans of activities to your trip at any point of the planning process from our Featured Cities section, although for the most, unless you choose otherwise, we include:
  • One general city guided tour is included by our local team of travel guides, excluding monuments.
  • One more specific monumental tour within historical cities with UNESCO Heritage Sites.
Should you wish to browse and add any more city plans to your trip beyond the options provided in our Trip Planning Form above, simply browse and use the forms provided in each activity page, using the same email address and date range as used in the trip planning form above, for us to include these extra items for your group, or part of it, since each activity counts with a “number of participants” selector, you can adjust, inform your group and then fill in the form for that plan or activity with your confirmed number of participants for each extra item you choose in the sections below:

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