Short City or Nature Breaks and Daytime Plans
*Optional daytime activity choices included

It is frequently unknown that Andalusia holds three main natural wild reserve areas, in fact there are more. Every province holding it's own magic, our natural reserve areas stretch across the mountains through from Gibraltar to Granada and Seville, as well as in the North, Cordoba and Jaen. A boat ride down Guadalquivir river through Doñana's Natural Reserve ending in a picturesque location of Cádiz, may just be a memorable lifetime experience on it's own. A daytime trip from Granada to the Alpujarra Region can go from a spiritual retreat, to a group learning field trip in many traditional arts and skills, while also be a chance to charge up by horse riding, electric mountain biking or other activities in nature.

We can also help you by linking up with a range of rural homes, bed and breakfast or complexes, provide space for relaxing retreats, a base for your own custom tour, or action-packed adventure holidays.

Learning Trips and Events
The Crafts & Workshop area is fundamental in order to contribute towards the continuity of traditional Islamic arts & sciences of Al-Andalus, bringing them into our age.

We can include any of our workshop schedules within your travel route or plan a custom study trip from scratch for your group. Weaved into any tours or as an intensive study or field trip. These provide interesting activities for field trips, excursions, independent travellers or Educational Institutions and Organisations.

We help you plan any learning event around “Traditional Andalusi Arts & Crafts” workshops such as Ceramics, Leather Crafts, Islamic Calligraphy, Decorative Arts, Geometry in Nature & Art, Andalusi Garden Design, Agriculture, Traditional Olive Cultivation and Oil Extraction and other Traditional Andalusi and Islamic arts and sciences. 

As all we re-emerge changed, after Covid-19 lockdowns, safety is now our own choice, we are here to help as usual.
Al-Andalus a gateway to Europe.

As travellers emerge again within a “new normality”, being in control of safety and hygiene, social distancing, all play an important part in the way we think about preparing and planning any trip. 

We have made an effort to serve all of our Travel Plans as a ‘Self Driven’ trip option. as with our Short Breaks and Daytime Plans, can be a flexible and independent way to get to know Andalusia, Spain and beyond. Choosing professional establishments and services will translate as solid Covid-19 policies throughout your trip. If you would like to find an isolated area in which to spend a longer period you may also rent a private villa and plan in a splash of nature activities or city excursions. Andalusia counts with four vast national nature reserves that in themselves provide a unique experience and interiorising of a commemorated past as the rural scenarios of Al-Andalus in the past. To say the least one of them is named Kazorla, which means literally in Arabic, the Palace of God, "AlkasaruLlah". Most of these locations will offer tracking activities, nature walks, electric mountain bikes or other adventure activities should you feel up for an active regenerating break after the lockdowns! The Mediterranean seaside from Barcelona to Cadiz, also offers around 2.000 km to choose from for more restful and contemplative breaks, our favourite being the Tropical Coast of Granada, which only gets relatively crowded during July and August. 

Our multi-day plans will include all our best options and recommendations so that you can book with ease, or have us book for you to group it all in one transaction and benefiting from profesional travel agent deals.

Below is a sample of some of our most popular travel plans. If you would like us to work on any plan or event for you to invite your own group please let us know, using the form below or SCHEDULE A TALK ONLINE 


Your key to the Golden Age cities of Al-Andalus & beyond.

Benefit from our service in a personalised and extendable, budget-friendly way.

Plan from a few hours to multiple days in each city and region of Andalusia, Spain, Portugal or Morocco. 

Design your group trip or event including best city or nature accommodation deals, optimum transportation, guidance and activities from arrival to departure.

Have our best plans combined to cater for your own independent trip AND count with our choice of local walks and activities, our favourite UNESCO Heritage Site Local Guides.

Finally for Muslim group tour organisers, we specialise in training local well-travelled Muslim tour managers towards a ‘Muslim Friendly’ travel experience in Spain, let us know if you need us on board!